Novel Plasmons in Topological Materials—from the perspective of symmetry and topology

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报告题目:Novel Plasmons in Topological Materials—from the perspective of symmetry and topology
报告时间:2020-01-09 14:00 (星期四)
报告人:周建辉 研究院(中国科开云体育app官网下载(中国)有限公司强磁场科学中心)


The interplay between electron-electron interaction and topologyof Bloch electrons in topological materials recently has attracted considerableattentions from both experimental and theoretical aspects. (1) We find that theinverted band structure with the Mexican-hat dispersion could enhance theinterband correlation leading to a strong intrinsic plasmon excitation. Itsfrequency ranges from several meV to tens of meV and can be effectively tunedby the external fields. The electron-hole asymmetric term splits the peak ofthe plasmon excitation into double peaks. The fate and properties of thisplasmon excitation can also act as a probe to characterize the topologicalphases even in lightly doped systems. We numerically demonstrate the impact ofband inversion on plasmon excitations in magnetically doped thin films ofthree-dimensional strong topological insulators, which support the quantumanomalous Hall states (QAHE). (2) We study the chiral edge plasmons in QAHinsulators and find some new and remarkable features. We offer a quantitative explanationfor the recent observation of the chiral edge plasmon in QAH insulators. (3) Weinvestigate the impacts of symmetry breaking on the plasmons in monolayer 1T’ transition metal dichalcogenides and predict a new anisotropicacoustic plasmon. (4) Collaborated with experimental group, we find the novelplasmons due to the band inversion in three-dimensional type-II Weyl semimetalsand show the splitting of plasmon dispersion by inversion symmetry breaking.  


[1] FuruZhang, Jianhui Zhou, Di Xiao and Yugui Yao, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 266804 (2017) 

[2] A.C. Mahoney et al, Nat. Commun 8, 1836 (2017); 

[3] FuruZhang, Jianhui Zhou, Di Xiao and Yugui Yao, In preparation (2019); 

[4] ChangxuYan, Hao-Ran Chang, Jianhui Zhou et al  Inpreparation (2019); 

[5] XunJia, Maoyuan Wang, Jianhui Zhou et al  Under review (2019).  


周建辉,中国科开云体育app官网下载(中国)有限公司强磁场科学中心研究员,博士生导师。2012年毕业于中国科开云体育app官网下载(中国)有限公司物理研究所,2012年到2017年先后在美国卡内基梅隆大学和香港大学从事博士后研究,2018年4月加入中科院强磁场科学中心任研究员。长期从事固体中Berry相位效应的研究,目前主要关注综合极端条件下(强磁场、超高压、极低温)拓扑材料中的新奇物性(输运、光学、多体物理)、拓扑材料中的等离激元、凝聚态体系中量子反常相关的物理效应。迄今在Phys Rev Lett、Phys Rev B等国际期刊发表论文近20篇。

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