The Expanding Flatlands - 2D Materials Beyond Graphene

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报告题目:The Expanding Flatlands - 2D Materials Beyond Graphene
报告时间:2023-03-24 14:00 (星期五)
报告人:张远波 教授(复旦大学)

报告摘要:Since the discovery of graphene, 2D materials have emerged as a new class of materials that may impact future science and technology. While a few dozens of 2D materials have so far attracted most attention, the vast majority of the thousands of layered crystals remain largely unexplored. The large number of layered crystals, which cover all major branches of condensed matter physics, provide vast opportunities for exploring new physics in flatlands. In this talk I will discuss, through the lens of our own work, recent efforts in expanding the 2D material family that now includes ferromagnets, quantum anomalous Hall insulator, and high-temperature superconductors. Because the materials are now in the extreme 2D limit, it becomes possible to control their material properties with external means. I will discuss how the concept of gate modulation can be extended to 2D materials beyond semiconductors. 

报告人简介:张远波教授本科毕业于北京大学,2006年取得美国哥伦比亚大学物理学博士,博士导师是Philip Kim教授。同年获选Miller Research Fellow到加州大学伯克利分校开展博士后工作。2010作为博士后研究员进入IBM Almaden Research Center。2011年至今在复旦大学物理系任教授、博士生导师。张远波教授的研究领域为实验凝聚态物理,重点关注石墨烯及其它低维度系统中的电子输运,包括量子反常霍尔效应、准自旋物理、以及其他的新颖物态和电磁性质。获得奖项包括但不限于科学探索奖和腾讯新基石项目。

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